“In the planting seasons, we are all about getting liquid and dry fertilizer products delivered to farmers’ fields.

Food Grows Where Water Flows.”

“We invested in food grade tankers to better serve our agri-business customers. What we learned was there is a tremendous amount of bulk product shipping between producers. Our expansion into Food Grade Only transportation provides our customers a higher level of timely service they can rely on. Our most recent additions to our Food Grade Only fleet are new 7000 gallon food grade tankers with pumps. These vessels opened us up to new business relationships with edible oil producers and consumers. We are particularly excited about this new opportunity.”

“We serve our industrial customers with dedicated equipment for specialized transports. Different companies have different transportation needs. We invested in custom-built equipment to meet those needs. Common to all our transportation work is timely communication with professional on-time pick-ups and deliveries. There’s no magic to it, just hard work and responsible people.”

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