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Environmental Responsibilities

 “I invested in a solar program to reduce our energy costs and footprint.  Our system covers our shop and corporate office with a considerable balance going to the grid.”  – BOB BUTTON



California has the strictest emissions standards in the nation. In 2006, years ahead of compliance deadlines, Button began investing in new, low emissions trucks. Today, our fleet is 100% California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant, meeting

standards that are more strict than those mandated by the Federal government.


We invested in a comprehensive solar program for our business office and shop.  Using the Sun to create electric energy makes good sense. And, it makes a difference in our electric bill.  It’s just another feature of being a Green Carrier.



When promising new tire technology came out that would reduce rolling resistance and improve fuel mileage, we converted the majority of our over-the-road fleet to wide-base tires. Button was the first carrier in Northern California to run wide-base tires, years ahead of other carriers. This technology spreads the truck weight over a larger area resulting in less impact on the road, better fuel economy, and fewer emissions.



In 2006 Button began investing in trucks with Auto-shift Transmissions. This new technology removes gear-shifting decisions from the driver. This results in significant improvements in fuel efficiency.



In addition to the considerable capital investment in new equipment and more fuel-efficient technologies, Button Transportation participated in industry advisory committees. We helped draft outreach programs for non-compliant carriers. Protecting the environment, while providing transportation services is a responsibility we take seriously. It is a responsibility that must be shared by all carriers. Clean Air—Button Transportation is a Green Leader!

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