Quality Food

Grade Service


“We invested in food grade tankers to better serve our agri-business customers. What we learned was there is a tremendous amount of bulk product shipping between producers. Our expansion into Food Grade Only transportation provides our customers a higher level of timely service they can rely on. Our most recent additions to our Food Grade Only fleet are new 7000 gallon food grade tankers with pumps. These vessels opened us up to new business relationships with edible oil producers and consumers. We are particularly excited about this new opportunity.” – BOB BUTTON

  • Food Grade Only Tankers.

    • 6,200 gallon / 52,000 pound capacity.

  • Food Grade Only Tankers for Edible Oil.

    • 6800 gallon / 51,000 pound capacity with Pumps.

    • In-transit Heat.



  • Single-strength and concentrated apple juice, orange juice and grape juice.

  • Fruit Purees

    • Strawberry

    • Cherry

    • Raspberry

    • Peach

  • Various Special Juice Mixes.

  • Red and White Bulk Wine.

  • Edible Oils from a variety of vegetables, grains and beans.

  • Vinegar

  • Coco Butter

  • Chocolate


All of Button’s food grade only tankers are in dedicated Kosher Service. Rabbi Aharon Simkin with Young Israel Synagogue provides Kosher Supervision of our food grade fleet activities, commodities and wash rack facilities we use


Button’s Kosher Supervision Letter available upon request.